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Glass is a versatile packaging material

We offer glass bottles for bottling waters, juices, softdrinks, wines, spirits and jars for filling jams and other food products. Lids for glass jars and closures for sparkling wine and spirits bottles. Service can include support in the new design project , design work, renderings and 3D prints. Standard glass bottle can be printed, painted and decorated with several techniques. Optimal closure is an important part of the project, closures can be modified and lids decorated.

There are many options in the standard range of glass manufactures. To design customers own model can be a good option giving an individual shape and an optimal weight.

In new design projects there is a continuous target to make glass packages lighter.  However its better to go for an optimal weight, which is not necessarily always the lightest. In this case most effective production process, logistically best located plant and strong glass package are elements to evaluate.

Wine and sparkling wine bottles

Glass colours: extra flint, various green. Sizes 200ml -750ml. Closures: Bar Top, BVS, GPI, natural corks, granulated corks, crown corks. Bottle shapes: Bordeaux, BG, Rhein wine, champagne and special shapes.

Spirits bottles

Glass colours: flint, extra flint. Sizes: 40ml – 1500ml. Closures: Bar Top, GPI,BVS, PP. Bottle shapes: round, square, whiskey, vodka, thick bottom shapes and  special shapes.

Bottles for soft drinks, juices, water

Glass colours: flint, extra flint, amber, green. Sizes: 200ml-1000ml. Closures: crown corks, MCA, GPI, PP. Bottle shapes: long neck, vichy shapes, bottles for carbonated products.


Beer and cider bottles

Glass colours: amber, various green, flint, black. Closures: crown corks, MCA, swing stoppers, champagne corks. Sizes: 200ml – 750ml. Shapes: long neck, short neck, vichy type, sparkling wine bottles.


Jars, bottles for sauces and oils

Glass colours: flint, green. Sizes: 100ml- 720ml. Closures: twist off, PP, MCA, caps and pouring fitments. Shapes: round, facetted, squared.


Glass decoration

There are several options to decorate glass. Decoration gives possibilities to customize a standard bottle shape or differentiate the brand with special techniques. Screen printing, coating, hot stamping, inc jet printing, laser etching. Bottles can be sleeved or coverd with frosted effect.


Lets find the best solution from the standard packages or build a personalized glass package.

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