Privacy Policy

Packnord Oy

Packnord Oy, Helsinki, Finland

Collecting and storing information

To use this site does not need a registration. Specified personal data like name, address or email address can be collected by using a contact request form. This collected personal data is shared only based on users approval. We store the collected personal data only the time which is needed to keep customer relationship and to provide the service.

We collect the anonymised personal data, which is the visiting data on this site, activity on the site and the connectors device identification. We collect this data to improve this site. We store the anonymised personal data, collected by the analytics 48 months. Anonymised data can’t be connected to any specific person. Data is stored secured in a digital format.


We use cookies on this site. We use Google Analytics analytics program, which utilises cookies. With the cookies we follow the number of visits on the site and activity on the site. Google privacy policy, see official Google Analytics page.

We collect all the collected cookies anonymously. By using Google Analytics we see for example how many visitors there has been and what pages they have looked, but this collected data is never connected with other registers, to keep the personal data anonymous. You can prevent Google analytics tracking by adjusting your browser.

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