To buid customer own bottle shape takes normally 6 months. This period includes the bottle drawing development, sampling run for tests at customer site and finally first glass production. 

It can be due to different manufacturing requirements. Bottle shape can require more glass. Product itself can require more glass because of its high pressure. Weight is increased in some cases  for marketing purposes, e.g. thick bottom or to bring a crystal hue.

The content varies by plant and by product. Coloured glass production uses more recycled glass than flint glass. Content can be up to 90%. In Europe there is Today average 52% recycled glass  in glass packages.

In addition to recycled glass the main components are sand, soda and calcium.

There is no simple answer to this question. It depends on package size, glass plant and the production process.

Sand is the main ingredient in glass. Glass package is safe for the seas.

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